Upper Snow Creek Falls

Snow Creek Falls are located just a short drive south of Bonners Ferry. You take Deep Creek Loop Rd to Lion’s Den Rd and after crossing the bridge the road will Y. If you take the left, it will take you up to the trailhead and on to Roman Nose Lakes. If you go to the right, it will take you to the Wildlife Refuge.


Genna on the trail

The trail is very well maintained and not terribly steep. We picked a really nice day to go check out the falls too. Genna liked the bridges and at one point we saw a squirrel snacking on a mushroom cap. As we hiked along the trail goes gradually downhill to a Y where you can choose to go to the Upper or Lower Falls. We headed up to check out the Upper Falls first.
On the way to the Upper Falls we came across a huge tree that was just begging to be a back drop for a picture. Since it was just the kids and I this ment we needed to be creative if we were getting a group picture! Genna scrounged up a few sticks to prop the camera on a handy post and we experimented with the timer. It took a few tries and some fast moving on my part but we finally got a decent group picture.

Genna, Abram and I

The Upper Falls (see top picture) are beautiful and if I hadn’t had Abram on my back I would have loved to explore around the area a bit more. There is a really soft green moss that grows all around on the rocks at both the Upper and Lower Falls which makes everything you step on extremely slippery. After a short rest we headed back down the trail to the Lower Falls.
Once we got down to the Lower Falls we once again messed around with the sticks and timer to get another group picture. There is a nice platform built to view the Falls from which became a very handy camera stand.

Genna, Abram and I – Lower Falls
Again after a short rest we headed back to the car. The trail just happens to be all the way down hill to the falls and so that means we got to walk up hill all the way back to the car! Genna wanted to be able to cut the trail in a few spots so at the switchbacks she climbed up the “shortcuts” then stood around waiting for Abram and I to get there! 

Wild Strawberries
Along the way we found wild strawberries and wow were they good. We picked flowers and ate strawberries all the way back. Abram tried one strawberry which ended up going down the back of my shirt and being squished in by the pack… That was the end of him having strawberries.
Lower Snow Creek Falls


Round trip: 1.8 miles